Saliva based COVID19 testing

Works in 15 minutes
Clinically validated
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This is an excellent question. Alongside other safety measures, regular (ie. twice a week) pro-active screening for COVID-19 will still be an important part of reopening more of society so we can all get back to what we’ve been missing sooner.

By being proactive with screening we can help make shared spaces safer, reducing the necessity for cyclical lockdowns, and helping us fight a virus that is mutating everyday. Regular testing will allow business to re-open safely, keeping staff safe, happier, more productive.

Works in 15 minutes

Know if you are currently infectious with COVID-19 in under 15 minutes with no other epuipment.

Accurate and sensitive

Our unique approach makes our test both accurate and sensitive, both in the lab or in the real-world.


Designed for scale our tests are easy to administer accurately and painless to receive.

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We are currently running pilots with partners across the UK so that we can provide the most efficient solution to companies' testing needs.

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