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Saliva antigen tests for COVID-19

Our KnowNowᵀᴹ tests are a UK made infectiousness test for COVID-19. They work with patented technology to deliver true infectiousness results in under 15 minutes with just a saliva sample.
Works in 15 minutes

Know if you are currently infectious with COVID-19 in under 15 minutes with no other epuipment.

Accurate and sensitive

Our unique approach makes our test both accurate and sensitive, both in the lab or in the real-world.


Designed for scale our tests are easy to administer accurately and painless to receive.

True infectiousness test

Our tests only detect people with an active, infectious COVID-19 infection.

Equipment free

Can be used anywhere with no other equipment. The most accessible platform to house our assay technology.

Apply for a pilot of our KnowNowᵀᴹ screening

We are currently running pilots with partners across the UK so that we can provide the most efficient solution to companies' testing needs.

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